1. Secret Room

| A waavvy ride. Boom-bap, lemme get a soul clap...You dig this vibe? Well - "COLOUR ME SURPRISED." |

Stylistically, "Secret Room" is an nod to the amazing sonics created by P-Funk, Don Blackmon, and old school West Coast G-Funk.

Theme wise, "Secret Room" is an inner dialog in which the protagonist analyzes the hypnotic forces that bring two individuals together. No matter the place or time, there's no denying the laws of nature.

"Secret Room" was produced by Chris Irvin, and written and performed by Cecili Simmons. The song was mastered by Colin Leonard at SING Mastering. The cover art was done by Stefan Ringer.

composed by: Chris Irvin
performed by: Cecili Simmons
written by: Cecili Simmons (ASCAP)

released 26 February 2015

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